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Half Double Crochet Tutorial

The Half Double Crochet Stitch is the second smallest crochet stitch.  It is one of my favorite stitches, it creates a taller row than the single crochet, but creates a tighter fabric than the double crochet.  There are many patterns that use the Half Double Crochet, including hats, sweaters, scarves and bags. When reading a pattern, the abbreviation for the Half Double Crochet is HDC.  To learn more about abbreviations, read my post on Crochet Terms and Abbreviations.

Similarities to Single Crochet

The Half Double Crochet is similar in construction to the Single Crochet stitch.  You will work the stitch into your chain and previous rows in the same way that you do your single crochet.  You will also be using a turning chain, and working into the first stitch from the previous row, just like you do when working with single crochet.

What makes the Half Double Crochet Different from the Single Crochet?

So, what is different?  As I mentioned earlier, the Half Double Crochet is taller than the Single Crochet.  This is because there is an extra yarn over with the Half Double crochet, giving the stitch an extra loop to add to the height.  Because the stitch is taller, the turning chain you use will need to be longer, too.  

Working the Half Double Crochet

So, now that we know what is the same, and what is different, let’s begin working the Half Double Crochet.

Start by gathering your materials. You’re going to need a hook and yarn. I used Redheart worsted weight yarn and a 6mm crochet hook for this project.

Start with a chain of 15.  Remember, just like our single crochet, we are going to work into the back side of the chain.  We are going to work into the 3rd chain from the hook. 

After you locate the 3rd chain from the hook, you need to start your stitch with a yarn over.  The easiest way to get this done is by moving your hook under the working yarn and bringing it up, and then bringing the hook back towards you.

Next, insert the hook into the stitch.  Remember we insert our hook into the loop on the back side of our chain, which leaves the two loops that create the top of your chain exposed to the exterior edge of your project.

Once you insert your hook, you will pull up a loop.  Do this by using your hook to grab your working yarn, and pull it through the loop you are working into.  You should now have 3 loops on your chain.

Finally, finish your stitch by doing another yarn over, and pulling that loop through the bottom 3 loops on your hook.  

You’ve now completed one half double crochet.  

Continue down your chain, working into each stitch of your chain.  You will have 13 HDC stitches in this row. When you are done, read on to learn how to do your turning chain, and work the next row of stitches.

Turning Chain and Row Two

Because our stitches are taller than the single crochet stitches, our turning chain needs to be longer, so that our project doesn’t curl or pull.  So, for a Half Double Crochet, you will make a turning chain of 2 chains before turning your project and working your next row.  

Once you make your turning chain, and turn your project, you’re going to start working into the stitches from the previous row.  Just like in the single crochet, you will work into the last stitch of the previous row. Yarn over, insert your hook under both loops on the top of the stitch, and pull up a loop.  Yarn over one more time, pull through the 3 loops on the hook to complete your stitch. Continue across this row. You will have a total of 13 stitches on this row.

Continue practicing with rows of thirteen and turning chains of two.  When you’re done fasten off and weave in ends.

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