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Scrubby Yarn Washcloth Pattern

Washcloths. Everyone uses them. Everyone needs them. Most people don’t really put much more thought into them than that. You need them, you buy them, you’re done. So who needs to make their own scrubby yarn washcloth?

I was the same way, until I discovered crochet washcloths. They’re thicker, and the stitches add the perfect cleaning texture. Add in some scrubby yarn, and you’ve got a versatile cloth that will really help you clean!

Scrubby Yarn Washcloth

This is a pattern for my favorite scrubby yarn washcloth. It’s an easy, single crochet pattern  using two strands of yarn to create a thick, textured fabric that is perfect for a washcloth. 

I used Redheart Scrubby Yarn for these washcloths. It is a readily available scrubby yarn, though there are other brands. Scrubby yarn is a thin textured yarn with a scratchy feel, similar to the rough side of a dish sponge.

Using a cotton yarn makes these washcloths easily washable and very durable. 

Handmade Versus Store Bought

You may be wondering why someone would make a washcloth, rather than head to the store to buy them.  It is really just a personal preference. I prefer the feel of the crochet cotton washcloth, over the store bought kind. They are thicker and the texture from the stitches works great to clean surfaces. 

They can also be personalized. At the store, you are stuck with whatever styles they have chosen to stock for you. However, when you create your own, you get to choose the style, color, and even the shape! 

This scrubby yarn washcloth combines both the scrubby yarn and cotton yarn, for added texture. Combining the scrubby yarn with the cotton yarn, in a two strand crochet technique, gives the finished project the feel of the scrubby yarn with the thickness of the cotton yarn.

The overall dimensions of this washcloth are 11 inches wide by 11 inches tall.

When selecting your yarns for this project, you’re going to need to determine if you want your yarns to complement each other or contrast each other. In my photos, the pink washcloth used complementing colors, and the black and purple washcloth used contrasting colors. Both are beautiful, but the look is definitely different for each one. 

What you will need:

1 ball of red heart scrubby yarn
1 ball of peaches and cream cotton yarn
Crochet hook, 6mm
Yarn needle

Scrubby Yarn Washcloth Pattern Instructions:

Chain 31

Row 1 – Single crochet in second chain from the hook and in each chain across. 30 SC

Chain 1 and turn 

Row 2 – 30 single crochet in each chain across. 30 SC

Fasten off and weave in ends.

If you need help with the stitches in this project, check out my Single Crochet Tutorial.

I would love to hear from you! Tell me what you think below!

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