Zipper Braid Beanie

Cold weather means bundling up and trying to stay warm.  Hats, gloves, scarves and heavy coats everywhere! I’ve found that crochet beanies are so much warmer than the knit ones you can buy at the store.  An even bigger plus to making your own crochet beanie is that you can add some pizazz to make it fun! The Zipper Braid Beanie is a great way to stay adorable and warm during those cold winter months!

The Zipper Braid Beanie is worked from the top down, beginning with a flat panel, which is brought to a circle when the brim is worked.  The braid is worked at the end, with Hairpin Lace Crochet and Cable Joins.

The free pattern can be found below, or you can purchase an ad free PDF of the Zipper Braid Beanie.

What you need:

1 skein Caron Simply Soft (main color)
1 skein Caron Simply Soft (brim color)
5mm crochet hook
Hairpin lace loom
Yarn needle
Pom pom maker (or pom pom)
Stitch markers or small strips (4”) of yarn.

Instructions for the Zipper Braid Beanie

With main color:
Ch 58
Row 1: DC in 3rd ch from hook, across (55)
Ch 3, turn
Row 2-14: DC across (55)

With Brim Color:
Attach to corner of panel.
Ch 5, slip stitch to other corner of same row, to create circle (it is important to fasten to the opposite corner of the same row, to be able to attach the braid)
Row/Rd 15: Ch1, sc 55, sc 5 into chain space (60)
Sl st to first Sc
Row/Rd 16: Ch 2, turn.  SC into middle SC in chain space. Ch 2, skip last 2 SC in ch space, SC in next st, and around (4 Ch, 56 SC).  Sl st to close round
Row/Rd 17: Ch 1, turn, SC 55 (until chain spaces), SC 2 into first chain space.  SC into next SC, SC 2 into second chain space. Sl st to close round.  
Row/Rd 18-20.  Ch 3, *BPDC in first stitch, FPDC in next stitch* around. Sl st to close round.

Fasten off & weave in ends.

The Braid

Create 2 hairpin lace panels of 70 loops each side.  Set the dowels on the loom 3″ apart for each panel.

Using stitch markers or yarn, divide each side of both panels into groups of 5 loops.  Each side should have 14 groups of 5.

Attaching Panels to Zipper Braid Beanie

Using your stitch markers or strips of yarn, feed a group of loops into each row of DC at the edge of the opening.  Once all loops are through, flip to see the interior side of the beanie. Secure to hat by using the Cable Edge method for hairpin lace.  If you are unfamiliar with this, you simply take the first and second group from the bottom, put the second group through the first group, then put the third loop through the second, all the way to the top.  It should look like a braid. See images.) Secure with a slip stitch through the final loop using the tail at the end of the hairpin lace panel.

Repeat for the other side.

Closing Beanie with Center Braid

Now we need to close off the open area in the center, to look like a zipper or a braid.  We are going to do this using the Cable Join method. It is very similar to the Cable End method we used to attach the strips to our beanie.

To begin, focusing on the unwoven sides of the panels, locate the bottom groups of loops of each panel, and put them through the chain spaces of the brim, from the interior of the beanie.

Next, we start our Cable Join by putting the left group of loops through the middle of the group on the right.  Now that group of loops is angled towards the right panel. Take the next group of loops on the right panel, and slip them through the loops on the loops that you just put through the previous loop.

This will bring the group of loops from the right panel over towards the left panel.  Following suit, take the next group of loops on the left panel, and put them through the center of the loops on the loops you just worked through the previous loop.  

Do this method to the top of the hat.  When you are done, it should look like a braid.  Make sure you go through all the loops in each group when you are working your Cable Join.  Secure the braid with a slip stitch from the tail yarn of the end of one of the panels.

Closing the Top and Pom Pom

To close the top of the Zipper Braid Beanie, use your yarn needle and either the tail from one of the Hairpin Lace panels, or a new piece of yarn attached to the beanie, and weave through the stitches at the top of the beanie.  Cinch closed, tie off, and make sure the ends are on the interior of the beanie. Next, attach your Pom Pom to the top of the beanie, secure with yarn, and weave in all ends.


You’ve completed the Zipper Braid Beanie!  How did it come out? Show me your pictures in the comments section!  Feel free to ask me any questions you may have! I’m available to help if you need it!

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