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Crochet Chain Stitch Choker and Bracelet Combo

Welcome to Crochet Chain Stitch Project Two!  I hope you’re enjoying these Crochet Chain Stitch projects I have put together!  Today we are going to work on the Embroidery Floss Choker and Bracelet Combo.  This is a bit more difficult than my Crochet Chain Stitch Project One – The Chain Stitch Wrap Bracelet, because it …

Beginner Crochet

Getting Started with Crochet – Beginner Hooking

Diving into a new craft or hobby can sometimes be intimidating.  You’re not sure where to start, and a lot of information you find starts somewhere between advanced beginner and rock star.  What about the absolute beginner, though? The one who is interested in trying, but has no clue where to start? Maybe you saw …