Comfy Stars Sweater – Crochet Sweater Pattern

The Comfy Stars Sweater is a comfortable sweater with wide sleeves, perfect for relaxing on a chilly day!  The crochet sweater pattern is written for sizes S, M, L, and XL but is easily modified for other sizes!

This is a great project for those just starting out with wearable crochet patterns.  It is made by creating 4 panels and sewing them together.  The Comfy Stars Sweater works up quickly, and is perfect for lounging around!  You can even add a high belt to dress it up!

The written pattern and available modifications are written below. If you prefer, you can also purchase an Ad Free PDF of the Comfy Stars Sweater.

Skill Level

Advanced Beginner

Comfy Stars Sweater Sizing Chart

See Modifications for increasing or decreasing to other sizes not listed.

SizeLengthAround BodySleeve to Sleeve
Extra Large26”46”59”

Materials Needed 

  • Up to 1800 yds (max 6 skeins) of Caron Simply Soft yarn (or equivalent worsted weight yarn)
  • Size H/5mm crochet hook 
  • Yarn Needle for sewing
  • Scissors

Stitches and Abbreviations 

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Gauge and Swatch

7 rows of 14 Double Crochet should measure 4″x4″

Note: If unable to meet gauge, match stitch count and add or subtract rows as needed to meet size guidelines.

Comfy Stars Sweater Crochet Pattern Written Instructions

Body Panels

Make Two Body Panels

Begin with a chain of 75 (83, 91, 99) for S (M, L, XL)

Row 1: HDC in second Ch from the hook, across. (74, 82, 90, 98)

Ch 3, turn. (mark side now facing you as right side of fabric)

Row 2: Star Stitch across, HDC in last stitch. (36 Star+1HDC, 40 Star+1HDC, 44 Star+1HDC, 48 Star+1HDC)

Ch 1, turn

Row 3: (2) HDC in 1st stitch, HDC in each stitch across (74, 82, 90, 98)

Ch 2, turn (does not count as first stitch)

Row 4: DC in each stitch across (74, 82, 90, 98)

Ch 1, turn

Row 5: HDC in each stitch across (74, 82, 90, 98)

Repeat rows 2-5 10 (11, 12, 13) times for a total of 41 (45, 49, 23) rows

Fasten Off

Note: The nature of the stitch pattern will give your fabric a slight tilt/twist shape.  This is normal and will correct during seaming.  


Make 2

Chain 61

Row 1: HDC in second ch from the hook, across. (60)

Ch 3, turn.

Row 2: star stitch across, HDC in last stitch. (29 Star+1 HDC)

Ch 1, turn

Row 3: (2) HDC in 1st stitch, HDC in each st across (60)

Ch 2, turn (does not count as first stitch)

Row 4: DC in ea st across (60)

Ch 1, turn

Repeat rows 1-4 8 (8, 9, 9) times

Fasten Off

Comfy Stars Sweater Assembly

Place wrong sides of body panels together (make sure the repeats are going in the same direction)

Create shoulders and neck opening by sewing (using whipstitch) each corner in 4” (4”, 5”, 6”)

Open body panels and lay flat.  Place right side down.  

Place sleeve, face down, centered on shoulder seam.

Sew (using whipstitch)  sleeve onto body panels.

Repeat for the other side.

Fold fabric, with sleeves attached, with right side facing in.

Sew seams under sleeves, and down the rest of the body panel.

Turn Right Side Out.

Comfy Stars Sweater Modifications


To adjust the length of the sweater, add or subtract 4 stitches from the initial chain for each inch you are looking to add or subtract.  For example, for a sweater that is 30” long, make a chain of 99 (the XL size) and add 16, for a total chain of 115.

Width/Circumference of Body Panels

Do adjust the overall body measurements, decide on overall circumference desired, and divide by two.  This will give you your desired panel size.  Add or subtract a pattern repeat (rows 1-4) for each 2” you would like to add or subtract.  Note: Each repeat is just shy of 2” You may need to add an additional repeat to get desired width.

I hope that you enjoyed making the Comfy Stars Sweater!  Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook or join my Facebook Group for more patterns and tutorials! I can’t wait to see what you’ve made!

Copyright 2021 Emerald Cherub.  Do not sell, share or modify this content.  You may sell projects made from this pattern, please link back to the original pattern. The images and content contained in this pattern are copyright protected.  To obtain permission for commercial use, contact Emerald Cherub.

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