15 Free Beginner Crochet Projects

Whether you are new to crochet, or picking your hook up from a hiatus, these free beginner crochet projects are sure to inspire you.

Free Beginner Crochet Projects

Basic Crochet Coasters

Basic Crochet Coaster – Emerald Cherub Crochet

The Basic Crochet Coaster is made with cotton yarn and can be made with or without a border.  This project has both the photo tutorial and written pattern.

North Ridge Bulky Cowl

Image Courtesy of Crochet Life

The North Ridge Bulky Cowl pattern from Crochet.life is a cute textured cowl that uses only 2 stitches. It works up quickly and comes in multiple sizes.

Coastal Crochet Coasters

Image courtesy of Sustain My Craft Habit

These cute Coastal Crochet Coasters from Sustain My Craft Habit work up quickly. Worked in the round, they make a charming addition to any home.

Single Crochet Headband

Single Crochet Headband – Emerald Cherub Crochet

The Single Crochet Headband uses Redheart With Love Metallic yarn, with the single crochet stitch to make a flat panel, which is sewn together to create the loop.  

Easy Baby Blanket

Image courtesy of Crave the Good.

This Easy Baby Blanket from Crave the Good is worked in blanket yarn using the single crochet stitch.

Scrubby Washcloth

Scrubby Washcloth – Emerald Cherub Crochet

The Scrubby Washcloth pattern uses two strands, one cotton and one scrubby yarn, to create a thick fabric, great for washing dishes.  

Quick and Easy Crochet Baby Blanket

Image Courtesy of Elle Marie Home

This Quick and Easy Crochet Baby Blanket by Elle Marie Home works up quick, with color changes and a border. Add color to any nursery with this great pattern and photo tutorial.

Crochet Hair Bow

Crochet Hair Bows – Emerald Cherub Crochet

These adorable Crochet Hair Bows can be used for more than just hair!  Create barrettes, bow ties, or just sew them onto bags, blankets or jackets!

Chunky Crochet Scarf

Image courtesy of One Mama’s Daily Drama

This Chunky Crochet Scarf pattern by One Mama’s Daily Drama uses multiple strand crochet to work up a quick and beautiful scarf. The use of multiple strands is sure to keep you warm in the cold weather!

Embroidery Floss Choker & Bracelet Combo

Embroidery Floss Choker – Emerald Cherub Crochet

A true beginner project, the Embroidery Floss Choker & Bracelet Combo uses only the chain stitch to create a sleek and beautiful accessory.

Cute and Cozy Headband

Image Courtesy of Little House Living

This Cute and Cozy Headband pattern from Little House Living is a nice quick project, perfect for gifts or to keep for yourself. The pattern link includes a photo tutorial, for those who find following patterns to be difficult.

More Free Beginner Crochet Projects to Try

Monster Ice Pop Holders

Make summer treats a blast with these Monster Ice Pop Holders!  Keep your hands warm and your popsicle cold with these unique projects!

Beginner Fingerless Gloves 

These adorable Beginner Fingerless Gloves are made by creating a flat panel and sewing together.  A great beginner crochet project you can work up quick.  Uses the Treble Crochet.

Crochet Dream Catchers 

Decorate your room with these easy to assemble Crochet Dream Catchers.  The project instructions include written direction as well as a video.

Easy Crochet Boot Cuffs

These Easy Crochet Boot Cuffs are made by creating two flat panels and doing some simple sewing.  The project includes some great photos to walk you through from beginning to end.

So what did you make?  Let me know in the comments below!!

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